How might we improve quality of life for seniors, youth, and immigrants in New York City?


Instructional Design, Facilitation, Content Development, Civic Engagement


Brief + Work

At the beginning of 2017, Community x Design partnered with the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYC EDC) and Civic Hall Labs to help develop content for and facilitate 8 ideation, prototyping, and design workshops for over 800+ participants from the five NYC boroughs.

We challenged participants to come up with solutions to the question: “how might we improve quality of life for seniors, youth, and immigrants in New York City?” We crafted all content from workshop programming to blog posts, and also facilitated 8 workshops. Our sessions taught new skills in framing the problem, design research, synthesis, ideation & brainstorming, prototyping, and user testing.


The power of the City’s tech ecosystem is its potential to create real tech-driven solutions that enhance the qualify of life in the City. The BigApps competition taps directly into that potential.
— Mayor Bill de Blasio
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Big apps Challenge Overview Video


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