How might we make sustainable and responsible tourism more mainstream?

United Nations + Impact Travel Alliance | 2017

Facilitation, Community Design, Movement Design, Organizational Design



Brief + Work

Community x Design joined forces with Impact Travel Alliance, a UN incubated company, to strategically re-imagine their annual summit to be more impactful, community-driven, and generative.  We began this engagement with a research sprint to better understand how organizations, both small and large, are approaching sustainable tourism challenges.  From there, we paired our insights with analogous inspiration and designed summit programming that would best propel this industry to the next level.  

The summit participants consisted of 147 travel-related organizations, from National Geographic to Atlas Obscura, Skift, and The Nature Conservancy. We collectively worked on the question: How might we make sustainable tourism the mainstream choice for business and leisure travelers?  We shepherded the group through a day-long design thinking session, that yielded an astounding 23 viable concepts around making sustainable tourism the mainstream choice.  What’s more, the community engaged in a series of implementation activities, ensuring that their prototypes had continued stakeholder support and participation. All of this leads into a white paper report that is being developed in partnership with Impact Travel Alliance and will be available to all in the beginning of 2018.

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